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Project Gemini

Hello everyone! 

I wasn't going to bother with a build log on this, since it's going to be a relatively quick build... but I figured "aw, what the heck... might as well share in case anyone else is looking to do something similar..." I spent a reasonable amount of time figuring out all the parts I wanted to use, so maybe it will help someone else out down the line. 

Anyway, as the title indicates, this is an HTPC build... or rather... it's TWO HTPC builds! One for me, and one for a friend! There are a few goals for the project, namely:

1) Cool and quiet, because it will be in the living room.
2) Discrete and sleek. Modern looking, so that it will match other home audio equipment and such.
3) Powerful, and able to handle just about anything that can be thrown at it.

Beyond those three key items, each of the two "Gemini" systems will have it's own unique flavor to it:

One is more geared towards gaming, and more specifically emulation. My friend is a fan of the Super Nintendo era, and while he likes keeping all of his old systems around for nostalgia, they are starting to die on him. This system will serve as a replacement for all his legacy game systems, and maybe for a few game systems to come. 

The other is more of a "true" HTPC, and will handle live TV, recording movies, etc. 

I've already ordered all of the parts, and most of them are already here!

The components for this system will be:

Motherboard: ASrock Z77 Extreme4-m
Processor: Intel Core i5 3570k
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U9B
Power Supply: Seasonic SS-660XP
Hard Drives: Intel 520 series 240GB x2 (RAID 1) and Seagate 4TB x2 (RAID 1)
Optical: Panasonic Slot loading Blu-Ray Pan-UJ-265 
Case: Fractal Design Node 605
TV Card: Ceton InfiniTV4 with CableCARD
Controllers: Logitech Harmony and XBOX 360 for Windows

Finally, to get you started... here are some component pictures. Enjoy!