Acrylic and Paint

posted May 25, 2012, 12:38 AM by Andrew Stock   [ updated May 25, 2012, 12:39 AM ]
Small update! With the anticipation of a long weekend coming up, and maybe a few days off, I loaded myself up with materials this week! I grabbed some spare acrylic, some various tools, some additional paint colors, and some cheap materials to build a simple photo booth! 

(I took about 20 photos of my reservoir trying to get the light/color/sharpness right. This thing has so many options... still trying to get it right. I need a tripod, too... right now using combinations of boxes and books. 
First, some blank Acrylic from the local Home Depot to play with. I've never touched the stuff before now, so this should be a fun learning experience. 

But what to do with it? Hmm. I know! Something useful. Time to break out the sharpie and start measuring!

Lines, lines, and more lines... any idea what I am building yet? 

I tried a number of different ways to cut the Acrylic. By far, the most effective was to clamp a metal ruler along where I wanted to cut, then get a tungsten tipped razor knife and score it heavily... then just give it a good quick bend... *snap*... Nice clean line. Well... sometimes. :P

Only part of the way there... For the small corners, I ended up using a coping saw... proved way better than a dremmel... man, what a mess! It's ok... I'll fix it up with some liberal sanding. 

More on that little side project later!

Finally, I played around in sketchup a little bit, and got most of the concept for my Front-mounted reservoir together:

I mentioned earlier that it's causing more problems than anything so far... Here's what I mean:

... I have no idea what to do right there with the pump!  I've been rotating it around, flipping it here and there... nothing seems to be granting me that 'AHA!' moment yet. Looking for a way to keep a lot of the tubing symmetrical and clean, keep the pump upright or on it's side, and connect it all in the order Res > Pump > Radiator. I know line order doesn't matter as far as termperature or flow restriction is concerned too much... but I've found it's a heck of a lot easier to fill the lines if the pump is immediately after the reservoir.