The Future of Azuremight: v3

posted May 11, 2012, 3:43 PM by Andrew Stock   [ updated May 11, 2012, 3:43 PM ]
So, as eluded to in the previous post, I have big plans for my next system. Each iteration (as you can see from above) has gotten significantly more complicated... and this iteration will be no different. The evolutionary path continues:

Azuremight v0 - Air cooled, stock parts, stock case, no OC
Azuremight v1 - Water cooled (single 1x120 radiator), after-market parts, stock case, no OC
Azuremight v2 - Water cooled (triple 120 radiator), premium parts, intermediate case modding, heavy OC

And now, for v3 naturally I'll be taking things a step further:

Top end components
- Intel Core i7-3770k (great overclocking potential, but high heat... at least, without proper cooling.)
- EVGA z77 FTW (if only they would release it already!)
- EVGA GTX680 SC+ (with plans to go SLI as budget allows :P)
- 16GB of Samsung MV-3V4G3D/US (a little gem found on [H] that overclocks like a beast)
- Corsair AX850 PSU (gold rated by [H], supposedly the best out there)

Water cooled
- Dual XSPC RX480 Quad radiators (more or less the best, comperable to PA120.4's which are hard to find)
- EK-DDC Dual top for Dual DDC 3.2 pumps (redundancy, better head pressure, nearly as good as two inline pumps, and looks cleaner to boot!)
- Tygon 1/2" ID tubing, clear (never faded in my old system, still perfect)
- Aquaero 5 pro (starting to like this more than the Koolance... looks like it has more options)
- 12-14 Scythe Gentile Typhoons (4 for each radiator, 4 between the radiators, and misc!)
- EK-FC680EN for the GTX 680 (love EK blocks, top performers, and look stylish)
- Swiftech Apogee HD (top performer, best mounting mechanism, and found a heck of a deal)

Case Modifications
- Sticking with my tried and true Lian-Li PC-v2000b, shown in all the pictures above. Haven't seen another case quite like it, with so much potential and style.
- Going for dual quad rads in the bottom area, which means I'll be cutting up the sides of the case, making custom ventilation chambers, etc.
- Cutting my own custom-shaped window, to show off all my purdy hardware. :P
- Going to try my hand at adding some case lighting
- Planning on giving the internals of the case a slick paint job from top to bottom, mostly black and chrome with blue highlights. 

Getting really excited to get my hands dirty... more and more components showing up every day! I'm also working on a fairly significant render in Google Sketchup, which I'll post some shots of tonight after tweaking it a bit and working on tubing. 

Looking forward to your opinions on hardware choices, as well as any recommendations of what you want to see!