Minor Setback

posted Dec 16, 2012, 2:12 PM by Andrew Stock   [ updated Dec 23, 2012, 6:33 PM ]
Sometimes you must take a few steps backward in order to make a step forward. At least... that's what I keep telling myself after my latest disaster. 

As anyone reading this log is well aware at this point, I was somewhat enamored with bondo for doing the small repairs on my aluminum case. Was. As it turns out, this stuff ended up not working so hot when I started preparing it for painting. More details below. 

Anyway... I started out by fixing that little tab that fell of with some of my remaining steelstik:

I gave that a good few days to dry, as it's been cold and this stuff takes forever to dry cold. 

This weekend, I finally had some time to myself, and determined that I would get started with preparing and priming the case for painting! Exciting! Except... during the wet sanding:

Doh!  I wasn't even being that rough... letting the P400 wet sandpaper just glide over it as the whole surface was pretty much finely sanded already. And yet... as I continued to sand, more and more of it bubbled up and peeled off:

So much for this stuff working on 'any surface.' Looks like it doesn't bond to aluminum so well. 

Anyway, I could tell at this point that the bondo was going to have to come off. And the more of it I removed, the weaker the bonds holding the plates got. I finally threw in the towel and punched the plates out, determined to find another way to repair the bottom of the case:

Back to square one... (maybe square -1, as now I have a mess to clean up too... ).

Shut up, you! Even my case-face grew an authoritative mustache just so that he could mock me with his superior knowledge of case repair. 

Anyway, now I am looking at potential options for a more solid and permanent repair:

1) Find a local aluminum welding shop and see what it costs to get this repair done properly. I'm anticipating it will be too expensive, but who knows?

2) Try some other materials. I found some stuff called "Alumiweld" online that claims it can weld aluminum using just a blow-torch. Reviews online are mixed. The stuff is cheap, however. 

3) Find a replacement Lian-Li PC-V2000 online. "Short supply" wouldn't even begin to describe the chances of finding one at this point... as they are very popular, and very old. 

Anyway, I won't give up just because of this setback! It just might take me a little while to find a proper solution... stay tuned!