Reservoir Musings

posted May 16, 2012, 10:23 AM by Andrew Stock   [ updated May 16, 2012, 10:23 AM ]
Whelp, I spent about 5 hours last night tearing down my old system to clear out the case so that I can start tinkering with it. I'm putting my current system into a tiny Lian-Li case that I had as a spare for the meantime, and going with air cooling due to the size constraints. Lots of pictures of the 'reverse watercooling' to follow tonight!

I also spent a good amount of time playing with options for the pump/reservoir placement. I have two that I am considering now, but still thinking of other options. I haven't played much with the idea of keeping the pumps and reservoir separate yet... but I forgot to order the EK-RES Multioption link in my giant order last night >.< ... so maybe I'll try a few to see what I come up with before I go order it. I did notice that the EK-DDC dual top block I ordered comes with some 5 1/4 bay mounting equipment, which is awesome, but I do not think I will have room in my bays for the reservoir, all my drives, etc. 

Has anyone tried mounting the reservoir (EK-RES 250 multioption) on it's side? I've seen some pictures here and there, but I am wondering what the impact on performance is (if any), and if it makes bleeding / getting air out of the lines significantly more annoying (I am guessing so...) Might look fancy though, if done right...