Radiator Options

posted Jun 13, 2012, 5:50 PM by Andrew Stock   [ updated Jun 13, 2012, 5:50 PM ]
I did a little playing around this afternoon with options for my radiator 'conundrum' ...  here's option 1, 2, and 3 that I came up with. All three fit, and all three will require additional hardware, so it's pretty much a wash any way I end up going. My major considerations are noise and Delta-T for the radiators... 

Option 1:

In this option, I would be replacing the 90 degree compression fittings you see coming out of each radiator with TWO 90 degree angle pieces (non compression, g1/4, smaller profile). The one on the left would have one angled out of the radiator like the compression is now, and the other angled to connect to the end of my left hand port on the drain thingy... kinda forming a "Z" if you were to trace the flow of water with a pencil. The right hand radiator would have one angle fitting like the compression is now, and the other connecting to the right hand side of my drain thingy, forming more of a "]" shape. Both rows of fans would be pushing... or pulling... doesn't matter. Personally, I hate option 1. Its lack of bilateral symmetry makes me sad.

Next, option 2:

Option 2 has fans on either side of the radiators, with a "C" shape of 90 degree angles coming out of the right radiator, and a "]" of 90 degree angles coming out of the right hand radiator. The fans on the left would be pushing, and the fans on the right would be pulling. I kinda like design 2... the big question is, how (if at all) do I attach the two radiators to each other?  Or maybe I don't, and both are just situated close to each other and mounted independently with some anti-vibration neoprene between them or something. Above all, this puts the fans on the outside of the core, which are much nicer to look at (especially after I have painted them.)

Finally, option 3:

This option looks a lot like the original design, with the difference being that the two rows of fans will be facing the same direction, and they are right against each other. With the ports situated this closely, I would have to drop the 5-way splitter in the other two options in favor of a "Q" style connector from BP, and change the compression fittings out for some standard barbs, because the compression dials are too big to fit. I'm a little concerned that this option will also create vibration if the fans are not spinning at exactly the same speed. I am also thinking that the double row of fans will not really give any benefit... it's not like they will move air faster or anything, right?  Alas, I am just keeping my mind open. 

There are other designs I came up with in addition to these three... but these made the 'most' sense. Others were variations of putting the radiators' ports at opposite ends lenghtwise, and doing some kind of tube routing between them or something... but I think it just adds clutter. 

Thoughts? As I mentioned, I am leaning towards 2... but would love some input! 

Maybe it's time for a "Now I need some constructive criticism" flag?