Radiator Fittings

posted Nov 19, 2012, 6:23 PM by Andrew Stock
Guess what showed up? 

Well, if the big logo on the box wasn't enough of a clue...

Hooray, a pile of fittings! Which means...

Finally, all assembled! What a load off that it all actually fit together like I planned. 

 What you are looking at is the link between the two radiators, along with a thermal sensor (the plug on the top right) and at the bottom a D-Plug type quick disconnect leading down through the bottom of the case. For now, I stuck a piece of acrylic down there to simulate the bottom of the case.

Here's the whole kit, slotted in the bottom of the case approximately where it will go in the final setup:

Now, for the part I am most concerned about... the drain meets the case right where there is a seam/flap to hold it together:

I'm thinking I can just cut a circular section out of the tab and underlying slot that the tab comes through so that the area is flat. If that doesn't work out, I can always just remove the tab and fill the slot, sealing the seam permanently together. I'm not exactly sure why the seam is there anyway... probably just made manufacturing easier or something. 

See you next time!