Radiator Airflow

posted May 13, 2012, 11:34 PM by Andrew Stock   [ updated May 13, 2012, 11:34 PM ]
So I've been playing with several ideas for the airflow on the bottom. My current thought is to have both pushing out each respective side of the case. What's not evident in the render is that I currently have 3 120mm fans in the bottom of the case that are pushing air up through my current radiator. I was thinking of keeping those fans, so they can push air up, which is then pushed through each side of the case. I was also considering developing some kind of "V" shaped Shroud, to make sure the fans on each side weren't fighting each-other. Kinda like this:

This is just my initial thought. I'm not totally sold on it yet. The rows of fans on the bottom and the two fans on the front/back of the case would be pushing air into the radiator 'cluster', and the rows of fans lining each radiator would push that imported air through each radiator and out the sides of the case. I do agree that the space between the two radiators is tight. I wish I had enough room in the case to put the rows of fans along the outside of each radiator... so that I could have more of a push/pull on each radiator instead of a push/push... but I don't. Not in the current layout anyway.

The other configuration I have considered is putting the two radiators in more of a 'fan sandwich'... so it would go Case > Fans > Radiator 1 > Fans > Radiator 2 > Fans > Case... or something like that. All the air would be flowing in one direction, so one of the radiators would be slightly less efficient due to warm air being pushed through it... but I think the increase in air being pushed through it may mitigate that. 

I plan on doing a lot of temperature testing once I actually get the radiators, and I will certainly try these two layouts (plus others) to see which one gives me the best temps. 

Feel free to suggest configurations! My only limitation is that I would like it to all fit within the confines of the case. :)