Initial Sketchup

posted May 13, 2012, 12:06 AM by Andrew Stock   [ updated May 13, 2012, 12:06 AM ]
So I took a crack at creating my planned setup in Google Sketchup. I must say, Sketchup is an amazing program. Can't believe I hadn't found a reason to use it until now!

Anyway, here's some renders of the plan:

Here's a shot of the drain port I have planned... It's gonna take around $50 in bitspower hardware, but it should look pretty nice when it's done, and make flushing the lines incredibly easy:

The tubing is still a work in progress... I am not sure I'm satisfied with the long runs going towards the front of the case. I am considering changing them to go through the midplate more towards the center using some of those 'through ports' from bitspower, maybe meeting with 90 degree brackets on the underside to run back to the radiator. Thoughts? I know the elbow might reduce flow a little bit, but I'd be surprised if it's noticable, and I think it might look cleaner with shorter tube runs. 

I'm also not totally set on the Pump/reservoir position. I like the look of the reservoir,and think it might be cool to have it visible through the case window I am planning... but I could also see hiding it back in the hard drive cage area, as long as I have enough room for my Optical/drives/Aquaero... but looking at the renders, that doesn't seem likely. I could also try laying the reservoir/pumps on it's face... but it seems to me like that would potentially cause problems with air getting in the lines if there is any open air in the reservoir. Hmmm... :P