Azuremight V2 Temps

posted May 12, 2012, 12:10 PM by Andrew Stock   [ updated May 12, 2012, 12:10 PM ]
Welp, it's time to tear down Azuremight V2 to make way for all the changes V3 will bring. One last thing I wanted to do before the teardown, though, was a quick re-bench of the system to get my system temperatures, clock speeds, etc. That way, when i do make improvements, I'll have something to compare against! :p

So, I threw together a spreadsheet of temperatures under various conditions, just to keep track:

Now, you'll notice a few things in the screenshots:

1) My processor is an E6750, not an E6600. I forgot that I swapped out processors a while ago, and gave my brother the 6600 in favor of a 6750, after reading that the 6750 had even better OC potential than the 6600. Turned out to be not so much... I could push it as high as 4Ghz, but it was running rather hot (and made this creepy squeeling sound, like a lobster being boiled alive.) I landed on 3.5Ghz as a safe number for everyday use, as most things weren't pegging out my CPU anyway.

2) My Graphics card is running at stock speed. I recently rebuilt my computer, and haven't put the time into recreating my OC profiles. Lazy. 

Worth noting, these temps are with the sides of the case off, and the three radiator fans running on the 'high' setting... about 2100 RPM. It's also been about a year since I took the system apart and cleaned everything out real good, so the radiator probably has about an inch of cat/dog hair in it, among other things. 

Finally, here's some parting shots of the system, exactly as it is right now under my desk. So long, Azuremight v2!